Are The Ceremonies personal or scripted?

I love what I do and because each couple is special and unique. My desire is to create a ceremony that you will love and treasure for a lifetime. I generally ask a couple of questions to get to know the two of you and your beautiful story. From there I am able to craft a ceremony specific for you and based on your dreams and desires.


What is The difference between a Standard, Traditional wedding and or an Intimate ceremony?


This is a common FAQ. The main difference between a traditional ceremony and an intimate ceremony is that in a traditional ceremony you may have unlimited guests and are using multiple vendors for your event. We can coordinate with your planner, DJ, photographer, and other venders to be one of many pieces that help you craft your special day.


With an intimate or standard ceremony , it is generally a small close group (under 20 people) of friends and family that is more like an elopement. We have many destinations weddings that opt to have a nice intimate ceremony right on the beach. An elopement type wedding generally features less than seven people.


When it comes to how spiritual you would like your wedding to be conducted, we do not discriminate against people with different background or spiritual beliefs. As a licensed minister, I have the credibility and experience to help make your ceremony as religious or spiritual as you would like. In the end we know that you are going to have a diverse group of people attending and our desire is to include all of them on your special day and as you desire.



A true elopement means there is no ceremony site set up. It's just the couple, a handful of people, seven or fewer guests, the officiant and perhaps a photographer. We use public locations such as a local beach or park or a private backyard to hold the ceremony. The idea behind an elopement is less stress and less mess, focusing on the importance of the couples love and how it can be best celebrated . In order to qualify for the Elopement package, you must have seven or fewer guests and with no ceremony site set up.


Do You Go To The Rehearsal?

I generally do not attend the rehearsal. If I do attend , it is generally an “Add on” item. As a result, there is a $100 charge. If you have a wedding coordinator chances are that I will not bring as much value to the rehearsal as they will. We encourage couples to save their money for other aspects of their wedding. If you do not have a wedding coordinator you may wish to consider us attending your rehearsal and helping lead your family and friends in rehearsing for your ceremony. (We can only schedule a rehearsal if we do not have any prior wedding commitments scheduled.)


Is Premarital Counseling Required?

We do not require premarital counseling, however, I always encourage it.  We offer our sessions at $100/session.For more information on the topics covered in the marriage counseling sessions, please clink the links in the toolbar.


 How Do I Start?


1. Save a date. Use the contact form to contact me.

2. Choose a ceremony package and contact us to reserve the special day.

3. Make the $100 down payment (nonrefundable). Emailed instructions to follow.  

4. Sign short and simple emailed PDF contract.

5.I will set aside a date and time for a general Phone or video Marriage consultation.

6. Final payment for ceremony is due thirty days before wedding.

7. Day before wedding, I will text, call or email confirmation.

How do we pay you?

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit to book your date. Then, depending on which package you choose, the final payment is due two weeks prior to your ceremony. I will email a link to the payment, which can be made by cash, Zelle and Credit Card via PayPal.


Is there a contract?

Yes. I take care of all the business of your wedding in a professional manner. The contract is very simple, and takes care of the important issues.


What if we need to reschedule/cancel?


A rescheduling fee of $50 will be charged if the ceremony date OR time is moved.  If you are required to cancel my services, the initial $100.00 retainer to secure your wedding date and time is non-refundable. If you cancel the wedding within the 30 days, I require the contract be paid in full.  (Once your wedding date and time is secured, I am forced to turn down other couples that may wish to marry).  


Do we meet with you?

There is always that option and I encourage this.  I love to develop a relationship with couples and it is my number one priority. We will meet as many times as necessary via Skype, phone, or Face-to-Face depending upon the distance. I want you to be comfortable with every choice as we plan your ceremony. I am your guide who will make suggestions, but it’s of utmost importance to me that you take ownership over your wedding. I want to do nothing more than what you desire.

Do you do plan and attend out-of-town weddings?


Yes! Ceremonies out of town will incur additional travel costs and are based on U.S. Government per diem rates from Ventura county (93012) and additional cost of lodging (at cost) and meals ($50 a day) if an overnight stay is required (50+ miles from Zip Code 93012).

Marriage License Information and requirements
(Ventura County only)

Before your wedding day, you will need to obtain a marriage license. You may apply and purchase a marriage license from any county in the state of California.  In Ventura County, you can go to the Ventura County Recorder’s Office (bottom floor of the Administration building).


The address is:


Ventura County

800 South Victoria Ave

Ventura, CA 93009


You can schedule an appointment by calling (805) 654-2263.


There is an approximate fee of $98.00 for the license by cash, check or credit card. Every California County charges different amounts but it's some where around $100.  Both parties will need to be present and have a government issued ID. The license is only good for 90 days so make sure it’s no more than 2-3 months before your wedding date.

What do we do with the Marriage License after we have received it?


Once you have received your license, make sure to hand carry it to me BEFORE the wedding. It must be physically on site for the duration of the ceremony.  Once I have received it, I’ll be in possession of the license from that point on. Immediately after the ceremony, I will have the witness (es) sign the necessary legal signatures (you are required to have at least one, however I prefer two witnesses for the Public Licenses). I will process other requirements with the form, sign myself and will either personally submit the license or mail it certified to file it with the Recorder’s Office within the given 24-48 hour expedited day time period.


After the license has been recorded, certified copies of the marriage certificate will be available from the Recorder’s office for a fee. In Ventura County, the fee is $15.00 per certificate.


Ventura County Recorder Information:

*PLEASE NOTE* Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Ventura County Recorders Office is currently issuing new marriage licenses only to applicants where one person resides in Ventura County.


Marriage licenses can also be obtained by appointment only at our Thousand Oaks location at:


 2100 East Thousand Oaks Blvd, Suite A, 

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 

(We are located in the Civic Arts Plaza). 

Call (805) 654-2263 to schedule an appointment.


Types of Payment: Cash, Check and Debit and Credit cards. ($2.50 credit card fee per transaction) If you require any special accommodations due to a disability, please contact our office beforehand so we can assist you with your request.

There is no waiting period. The license may be used upon issuance. The license is valid for 90 days.

The ceremony may take place anywhere in the State of California. After the ceremony, the license/certificate is returned to the Ventura County Recorder’s Office. After recording, copies may be obtained from the County Recorder’s Office upon request either in person or by mail. The fee for a certified copy is $15.00. County Recorder Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.


How do I legally change my name?


On the bottom of the marriage license is a section dedicated to changing your name. Make sure you fill this portion with your new name as you desire After the license is submitted (by me) and recorded, you must obtain a copy of the marriage certificate. I suggest receiving at least 2 certificate copies which can be required to change your social security card, Medical, CA .driver’s license and U.S. Passport. It is also recommended to contact your bank and change related names on bank accounts, credit cards and related bills!

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