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Christian counseling for Premarital & Blended Family needs

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Premarital and Christian counseling helps couples improve their ability to communicate, set realistic expectations for marriage and develop conflict-resolution skills. By discussing differences and expectations before marriage, all viewed through a Biblically based approach, you and your future spouse can better understand and support each other during marriage.


As a Christian Pastor and Church Marriage Counselor, it is vital that couples who are considering marriage look to marriage counseling to have all the tools and spiritual help available as they begin a new life together. 


In our premarital counseling sessions, we will discuss the important and foundational issues that will help set your marriage on a course for a thriving and beautiful marriage that will stand the test of todays challenges.



*Marriage expectations and roles


*Healthy Communication


*Baggage of the past


*Realistic expectations


*Conflict resolutions




*Family relationships 



Blended Families

If you're considering remarriage, with kids involved, we don't need to tell you that second marriages with stepchildren can be tough. The numbers speak for themselves.


While overall, divorce rates are falling, the US Census reports that 66% of second marriages with kids will fail. Why? Because blended family challenges are real. However, you CAN have a successful second marriage — even with kids. I know from experience as both a Christian Pastor and Church marriage counselor with Blended Families, that the keys to positive stepparenting and harmoniously blended families are all within your reach.

Togther we will approach and talk about the Issues in a truthful, straight forward manner that will build a strong foundation that will help grow and strengthen your Marriage.



*Baggage of the past

*Realistic expectations

*The Ex-Spouse

*He needs respect

*She needs love


*Dealing with visitation Issues

*Step Children

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“We met with Sean a year or so into our marriage and we knew that we were in deep trouble.  “Christian” counselors quoted the bible but were unable to truly help us. Sean was different. He was encouraging but also told us some things that we needed to hear. It helped bring a clarity into our struggle and we are so grateful for that. 

We went to several counselors who told us that we may as well quit while were ahead and divorce, some seemed to give us generic counsel and they didn’t deal with the heart of the problem. Sean had a blended family of his own and he shared wisdom from scripture and practical ways to apply it. We needed truth and guidance on how to apply it. Sean listened to our issues and gave us both practical and biblical steps on how to solve them. We’ve been married 15 years now and we both believe God used Sean and saved our marriage.”


Jason and Monica Hubert

Moreno Valley California